A few months ago, a group of librarians and teachers partnered together with Canadian School Libraries to create a new podcast called “Read Into This”. To quote the description on their podcast site:

This is about books, articles, fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, media texts, cookbooks, and everything in between. We will explore how we read and how what we read makes us who we are and helps us learn about those around us.

The podcast the Lisa Noble, Beth Lyons, and Alanna King have created is hoping to give a voice to all school library workers across Canada. To that aim, they have been recording and hosting podcasts on their VoiceED channel and already have 40 podcasts available for you to listen to.

Being that this is a Canada-wide endeavour, they would want to include library workers from Quebec as well. Take a listen to their podcasts and see if it is something that interests you. You can even contact them if you feel that you have something that might be a good discussion for a future Podcast, either on your own or together with one of the regular presenters.

You can listen to the podcasts at this address: https://voiced.ca/project/read-into-this/

To learn more about the podcasts and the hosts, you can see all the information on the Canadian School Libraries website at: canadianschoollibraries.ca/read-into-this/

You can also follow them on Twitter:

Julian Taylor