The QSLiN website is currently undergoing some much needed updates. During this “construction period”, there maybe be changes from one day to the next. Within a few weeks, the new site will be running smoothly and it will be easier for people to find what they are looking for.

One unforeseen side effect of the initial “big first step” caused the site to automatically create a number of “filler posts” written in Lorem ipsum, which is random letters and may have looked a bit like Latin. Emails were then automatically sent out by the site to notify subscribers of these “new” posts and Tweets were sent out as well. We are really sorry for the confusion or concern that these email and Twitter notifications may have caused in our community. Rest assured, the site has not been hacked and all is well.

When all of the construction / renovations are done, we will make another post to let you everyone know to come take a look at the new interface.

Julian Taylor
Librarian – English Montreal School Board.