Welcome to my new QSLIN blog which I hope will provide you with resources that you can use and share with those who need them.  I love to write, I love to rant and I love to help people find information sources, books, apps…just like all my librarian colleagues.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions, because nothing is more depressing for a blogger than feeling like he/she is writing to a no-comment-void!

One of my favourite blogs to follow is Richard Byrne’s blog, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning because I always find cool apps and resources.  Here’s one that Richard Byrne suggested that will make students and teachers’ lives easier  whe1n looking for copyright free photos for presentations, stories, and all sorts of projects.

Photos for Class is an easy way to find G-rated, appropriate photos for projects but here’s the fun part:  all photos come with a watermark in a black border that gives the proper attribution.  You can show teachers and students how attribution works just this easily.  See the doggie photo that I found?  I didn’t put the attribution in – it was there!  Well, and Richard Byrne put in the marks.  This makes it so easy to be a good digital citizen.  That’s www.photosforclass.com