Back at the QSLiN Library Symposium in March 2017, we had Pam Harland ( & as our keynote speaker. She gave a great inspiring presentation entitled “Keep it Simple”. With so many great ideas, it was decided to make her presentation into a few short videos that will allow us all to remember what we learned that day, and also to help inspire others who were not able to attend that day.

Today we are releasing the second of the two videos that were made from her opening keynote; “How We Do the Things We Do with Pam Harland”. The first video, “Why We Do the Things We Do with Pam Harland”, can be found here:

Three other videos were also created from her other great presentation, “Leading from the Library: How we leverage the leadership potential of the school librarian”, which will be released over the next few months.

We hope that these, and other upcoming videos from the symposium, are useful in helping you achieve your professional goals.