A little over two years ago, in April 2015 to be precise, we visited with Joan Fraser-Burton at Harmony Elementary, the first school in the New Frontiers School Board (in the Châteauguay valley; just south-west of Montreal) to experiment with going from a traditional DDC organization in their library to a more “Dewey-Lite” system. We made a QSLiN Library Hangouts video from that visit, which was one of our most watched videos.

One of the main points in Leading Learning is of course Designing Learning Environments to make them more user friendly and accessible to students. Switching to a Dewey-Lite style library organization is one possible way to achieve that goal.

The results of the switch to “Dewey-Lite” were very positive in the NFSB and with more and more schools and boards considering doing the same, we thought it would be very helpful to have Joan come and talk to everyone at the Library Symposium to give an update on what they are doing and to talk about the why and how the system works.

Joan’s presentation was engaging and thorough. She made it really easy for anyone wanting to embark on this type of transformation. Joann also left plenty of time for questions, and feedback.

Want to see the original video from Harmony Elementary? See it below.