From Library and Learning Space to Learning Commons

Presented by Beth Holland, EdTech Teacher and contributor to Education Week and Edutopia
Sponsored by Nureva


In the mobile era, what is the role of physical libraries and learning spaces when every student potentially has a global, virtual library in their pocket? How does ubiquitous access impact literacy and learning? While the fact that students need these skills may not change, the associated tasks certainly evolve and transform when they have access to technology. In this talk, we will explore how libraries and learning spaces can transform from archives of information to places of knowledge co-construction.

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Beth Holland combines over 16 years of experience in mobile learning, K-12 education, and differentiated instruction, to help teachers create innovative learning environments. She regularly blogs for EdTech Researcher at Education Week and Edutopia, presents nationally and internationally, and is an authorized Google Education Trainer. She holds a Master’s degree from Harvard University as well as a Bachelor’s from Northwestern University. In addition to being an EdTechTeacher instructor, she is a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins University.

Beth will also be a featured presenter at the February 1-3, 2016 EdTechTeacher Innovation Summit in San Diego. This event raises the question of, “What’s next?” Whether it be iPads, Chromebooks, Google Apps, or other mobile devices, the ultimate goal is to transform student learning. EdTechTeacher hopes that this event will bring together educators from around the world to address the challenge of how to best innovate education. Please visit for more information and to join the conversation.


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