Welcome to the Facilitating Collaborative Engagement (Red) page.

This standard encourages library personnel to play a key role in cultivating and facilitating collaboration in order to provide rich learning experiences for students. You will explore ways to organize your library learning commons team and elicit participation and collaboration from principals, teachers, and students as well as key personnel at the school board or district level.

In order to achieve your bronze level badge, you will need to complete six (6) badges for each of the sub-themes contained in this standard: Vision for Learning, Design for Collaboration, Partners in Collaboration, Student and Community Partnerships, School Administration Partnerships, and District Administration and Consultant Partnerships. Once you have achieved the badges for all six sub-themes, your Facilitating Collaborative Engagement (Red) – Bronze level badge will be automatically awarded to you.

To achieve your silver badge, you will explore more resources in greater depth and then create a plan for moving your library forward in this area. Don’t worry, we will guide you along the way!

Finally to achieve the gold level badge, you will be asked to submit evidence of meeting the goals that you set out in your plan. You can use a variety of media to demonstrate the ways in which you have facilitated collaborative engagement.

Let’s start our journey!


Facilitating Collaborative Engagement – Bronze


Facilitating Collaborative Engagement – Silver


Facilitating Collaborative Engagement – Gold


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