Welcome to the Advancing the Learning Community (Blue) page.

This standard focuses on the ways that library personnel can work with the LLC team (principal, teachers, support staff, consultants and school board/district administration) to achieve school, school board/district and province-wide goals. After all, the ultimate goal of the library learning commons is to facilitate improved student achievement through supporting the school’s efforts to refine instruction for essential literacy, research, and inquiry and communication skills.

In order to achieve your bronze level badge in this area, you will complete five (5) badges for each of the sub-themes contained in this standard: Planning for School Improvement, Principal Collaborative Role, Teacher Collaborative Role, Support Staff Collaborative Role, and District and Administration Collaborative Role. Once you have achieved badges for all five sub-themes, your Advancing the Learning Community (Blue)  – Bronze Level badge will be automatically awarded to you.

To achieve your silver badge, you will explore more resources in greater depth and then create a plan for moving your library forward in this area. Don’t worry, we will guide you along the way!

Finally to achieve the gold level badge, you will be asked to submit evidence of meeting the goals that you set out in your plan. You can use a variety of media to demonstrate the ways in which you and your library have advanced the goals of your learning community.

Let’s start our journey!

CLA-blue-bronze 150

Advancing the Learning Community – Bronze / Exploring

CLA-blue-silver 150

Advancing the Learning Community – Silver

CLA-blue-gold 150

Advancing the Learning Community – Gold

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