Given the tragic attacks that we are reading about in Europe and Africa, it is not unlikely that our students will be talking about these sad events.  Several usually reliable websites have suggestions both for parents and teachers.  Library personnel may want to consult their Peace4Paris.svgprincipals and teachers for advice on how to deal with children’s questions, however the following sources my be of use to your colleagues over the next few weeks:

Common Sense Media recently blogged about Explaining the News to Our Kids. While this blog is directed at parents, there are sensible pieces of advice such as considering the age and temperament of the child that should always be taken into consideration when discussing disturbing material.

Global News carried a story describing How Schools Around the World Are Talking to Kids About the Paris Attacks. This article describes activities and tributes that different schools are holding to help their school communities deal with the grief and helplessness that such news stories can incite.

Another useful article from the Washington Post gives suggestions from a professor at Purdue University who has studied the effects of political violence on children: When Terror Strikes, Here’s What You Should Tell Children.

As professionals who provide information, librarians can help their fellow education professionals find the information that they need when dealing with students’ questions about world crises.