I’ve been collecting resources about coding for the clueless for some time now and thought it might be a good moment to share as the annual Hour of Code Campaign is held in December. Here goes…

The ever resource-full, free, and archived-watch-at-your-convenience EdWeb has an upcoming Webinar entitled: Now I have to teach Coding: A beginner’s guide. Mark the date on your calendar: Thursday December 8 at 4 p.m.

Dorling Kindersley latest blogpost is Teach Coding in 9 Easy Steps and it comes with a free downloadable guide and printables.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is always a great resource for all things tech. Here are some of their suggestions that stood out for me:

· 5 of the Best iPad Games to teach Kids Coding Through Games

· Google Released a New Platform to Help Kids Learn Coding

· A Beautiful Visual Featuring some of the Best Apps for Teaching Kids Coding

· Some very Good Resources to Help Students Learn Coding (and might I say some adults too…)

A few other resources are:

· Codecademy where you can learn to code for free, hands-on and user-friendly

· CODE offers lots of resources for pre-readers to adults. They organize the annual Hour of Code Campaign.

· Hour of Code Canada offers activities. Should you be interested in adding an activity to the more than 3000 events that will be held in Canada, you can register at: https://hourofcode.com/ca

· For a very enthusiastic video tutorial on basic coding, check out Hello Processing! : http://hello.processing.org/editor/

And if you still need to be convinced about the beauty of coding, take a minute (in fact 107 minutes) to watch the documentary: CodeGirl (found on Netflix).

Enjoy, and remember to share your favourites!

Suzanne Nesbitt

  • Lester B. Pearson School Board