New Video: “Why We Do the Things We Do with Pam Harland”

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Back at the QSLiN Library Symposium in March 2017, we had Pam Harland ( & as our keynote speaker. She gave a great inspiring presentation entitled "Keep it Simple". With so many great ideas, it was decided to make her presentation into a few short videos that will allow us all to remember what

New Video: Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School Comic Book Club & Option Class

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Last year, we visited Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School (in the Lester B. Pearson School Board) and learned about how their after school comic book club grew and eventually lead to the creation of a Comic Book Option class for students. It started out simple, but with collaboration between the school's library technician (Caroll-Ann Steele) and

QSLiN Library Hangout; Principal Hayter: From Library to Learning Commons at Beechwood Elementary School

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In April 2017, we visited Beechwood Elementary (Lester B. Pearson School Board) and met with Principal Nicholas Hayter and Library Technician Deborah Harrington. In this first video, Principal Hayter describes how he saw opportunities to reshape the school's library from a traditional school library into a Learning Commons. Visiting the school part way through the

Battle of the Books (BoB) video

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Battle of the Books is an exciting event wherein teams of high school students from Anglophone schools in Quebec test their detailed knowledge of 10 young adult books. Students face-off at the school, Board or Association, and island-wide levels as they compete to be the winner of the Ultimate Battle title. Organized by school librarians

QSLiN Library Hangout: PCHS Creating Zones in the Library

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In February 2016, we visited with Vice-Principal Lucia Coretti and Library Technician Caroll-Ann Stelle of Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School (Lester B. Pearson School Board) to learn about the changes the school had done to shift their traditional school library to a modern library learning commons. There was so much to learn from their experiences that we

Why #LibrariesMatter series

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In addition to our QSLiN Library Hangouts, and a few other videos, we are now releasing a new series of short videos about why school libraries matter. We hope that these unscripted, personal interviews can be helpful to remind everyone about the importance of school libraries and the role they, and their personnel, play in

Sawyerville Elementary School Library Moving Ahead – New QSLiN Hangout

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In May, we shared a hangout with Sawyerville Elementary School’s principal, Norma Humphrey in which she shared her vision for her school’s library.  In this subsequent film that was made eight months later, Principal Humphrey and library volunteer, Linda Mills talk about the progress that they have made this year in cleaning out old posters

Another New QSLiN Hangout: PCHS Listening to Students and Meeting Needs for Technology

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In this video, Caroll-Ann Steele, Documentation Technician, Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School, Lester B. Pearson School Board, describes how she approached students at every grade level to find out what services they hoped for in the school’s refurbished library learning commons.  As a result of her informal surveys, laptops, desktop computers and filming equipment were purchased

New QSLiN Hangout: PCHS: Modernist Open Concept School Library to an Innovative Learning Commons

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In this new QSLiN hangout video, we encounter a new problem: lots of space!  You may not think that this is much of a challenge, but as Caroll-Ann Steele, Documentation Technician, Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School, Lester B. Pearson School Board explains, students can have difficulty navigating around a large area. This school library is part

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