Enseigner avec la bande dessinée

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"L’histoire des liens entre bande dessinée et éducation s’est exprimée successivement dans les termes d’une hostilité farouche, d’une intégration résignée, puis d’une récupération intéressée et d’une légitimation affichée." Lire la suite à: http://neuviemeart.citebd.org/spip.php?article523 Tiré du site de la revue: Neuvième art 2.0  

Research Skills

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There has been a lot of research published discussing how students are not developing the information literacy skills needed to function at either university or in the workforce. These are not easy skills to teach but it is important that we try to introduce them to these skills at a young age. It is also

The Learning Commons – More Than Comfy Chairs

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Transforming a library into a learning commons requires more than moving furniture.  It's a new approach to how we use library space and what we do as librarians.  Submitted by Ellen Goldfinch http://jacquelinevandyk.ca/more-than-comfy-chairs/

A Documentary about Libraries

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The link below describes a new documentary will emphasize how important libraries are to Americans.  It's heartening to think that non-librarians are advocating for libraries. http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Free-for-All-explores-libraries-value-4301986.php#          

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