Getting a Lego Station going in a School Library

Putting together a Lego station in a school library may be one of the easiest ways to get your first makerspace up and running.  The good news is that it can be done cheaply. I read a blog post by Heidi Neltner in which she describes how she created a Lego [...]

Infographic for Grades 3-8: Google Shortcuts for Life’s Questions

Students are using Google at a younger and younger age to get information for both school projects and personal interest. This infographic was designed to show them a few shortcuts to find information.  The link to this infographic is:

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What is a Digital Learning Farm?

In this video, Mike Engstrom at the American School of São Paulo demonstrates how students can take ownership of their own learning through being participants in a Digital Learning Farm.  In generations past, children who grew up on farms were given responsibility for performing farm chores.  In the classroom, students [...]

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Citing Creative Commons Materials

Hello, As Creative Commons materials become more and more common, know how to properly use and cite them is becoming more important. Now everyone however knows how to do this. Thankfully the people over at Creative Commons Australia have put together a very clear 9-page PDF showing exactly how and when and [...]

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