What Is a Poster Session Anyway?

Have you volunteered to do a poster session at the Library Symposium? Congratulations! Now, you may be wondering what is expected of you, as poster sessions can mean different things at different events. At the Library Symposium, the posters sessions are a relaxed and friendly, one-on-one way to share what is [...]

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Slide-share: How To Be a Presentation Ninja – You Need to See It!

Courtesy of @Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian, used with permission. @GwynethJones - The Daring Librarian is a rock star among librarians!  She takes every traditional stereotype of our profession and throws them to the wind.  If you've been following her blog or tweets, you know that she has a [...]

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Beth Holland’s 4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space

4 Tips To Transform Your Learning Space is another article for the Library Learning Commons file that you might want to compile.  Holland breaks down the transformation from the traditional school library to learning commons with 4 general tips that are easy to remember: Photo from   1. Create [...]

Great Webinar Recording on Makerspaces

This past week, I participated in a webinar on Makerspaces entitled  Makerspaces: The Now Revolution in School Libraries with Leslie Preddy, school librarian in Indianapolis, Indiana. She's also the author of the book, School Library Makerspaces, Grades 6 - 12.  If you are a member of edweb (anyone can register [...]

Using Twitter Hashtags to Find Information on Library and Educational Subjects

Maybe you think that Twitter isn't for you.  You don't have time to compose those 140 character tweets, and who is going to read them anyway? Granted, Pinterest is much easier to use.  There are book lists, book display ideas, and lesson plans that are easy to spot because Pinterest [...]

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Inquiry Based Learning and a Tour of – Information Literacy All the Way

I just finished this how-to-use video today.  I hope that you can find the time to share this with teachers and library staff. I've also made a video on what inquiry based learning is involves. There are so many video out there on this, but I thought that after [...]

Search Engines for Elementary School Students

We are always so quick to use Google, but there are other search engines (some of which are powered by Google) that may be more suitable for elementary school students. In this film, I demonstrate KidRex, Sweet Search 4 Me, KidsClick,, MyMunka, DuckDuckGo, and Searchy Pants. As I made [...]

Lesson Plans on Google Search, K – 12

I found Jeff Utecht's blog, The Thinking Stick through a website that lists resources for teaching Information Literacy, the Resources page for Next Vista for Learning. In adding content to, I'm always on the look-out for material for Kindergarten and Cycle 1.  That's where Jeff Utecht comes in.  His [...]