Take Charge of Your Learning: PD for Librarians

Many of you may be familiar with edWeb's free seminars.  If not, it's easy to register for them and participate.  Below you will find upcoming webinars that are scheduled for next week and are of interest to librarians and library personnel. edWeb webinars provide free personalized PD. They offer a [...]

2015 ISTE Makerspaces Takeaway

If you're trying to keep up with the Maker Movement, have a look at this article that summarizes sessions at this year's ISTE workshops.  The takeaways include problem solving, small budget solutions, mobile makerspaces, as well as a list of maker/educators who blog and tweet on the subject. It's always [...]

How to Run a Library Volunteer Program that Students Love

On an average day, at least ten students help Laura Gardner run the Dartmouth (MA) Middle School library. Altogether, over 40 seventh and eighth-grade students work there each year. She couldn’t do it without them. Source: How to Run a Library Volunteer Program that Students Love There is a category [...]

Using Flipboard as a Curation Tool

If your students have access to mobile devices, this article - 15 Fantastic Ways to Use Flipboard - has suggestions on how to use the app, Flipboard as a curation tool either in the classroom or the school library. A curation tool is a way to gather resources into one [...]

Going Dewey-Lite…or even Dewey-Less

I'm ashamed to say that when dumping the Dewey Decimal System was suggested to me by an elementary school library volunteer, I huffed and puffed and continued to classify with those numbers.  If I only knew then, what I know now! Going Dewey-Lite has many benefits in an elementary school [...]

Tools for Making Video Mashups

Big Heart of Art, qthosmasbower, cc Attribution by 2.0 Mashups are creative and fun to make, I hear.  I don't know how to make one, but if I wanted to learn, I would check out the resources in Creating Video Mashups.  This article reviews some handy tools such as Weavly, [...]

Links to Films Advocating for School Libraries and the Library Learning Commons

Lists, lists, and more lists. I keep saying that we librarian love lists.   Edutopia provides a hyperlinked annotated filmography of films that talks about the importance of school libraries in Five Minute Film Festival: Reimagining the Library. The article goes from the general to the specific in its coverage of [...]

Readers Theater – An Article That Tells You How To Do It In Your School Library

Kids love to put on plays.  Reader's theatre is a wonderful technique to make books come alive and to have students bring books to life. According to the article, Taking It to the Stage With Readers Theater (the article is from School Library Journal, hence the American spelling!), readers theatre [...]

Ten Ways to Get Kids to Love Reading

Librarians do love lists.  This is a list that will be close to all of our hearts because, as much as we want our students to display those important elements of information literacy and digital citizenship, we would be overjoyed to have them love reading. There are so many reasons [...]

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Twitter in Five Steps

Twitter Icon 9a by marek.sotak cc Attribution by 2.0 Many librarians are using Twitter for professional development, to stay in touch with the library community, find tips and ideas that they can use in their own libraries or share with teachers and keeping up to date with new developments and [...]

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