Multicultural Children’s Book Day Book Review Linky! – Jump Into A Book

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Multicultural Children's Book Day Book Review Linky! This link will take you to a number of great reviews and suggestions to shore up any multicultural collection. Jump into a Book is a great resource for all things multicultural and it also delves into environmental issues. The sight can be a bit haphazard to navigate, so

CLA Standards Highlighted With Relevant Films on QSLiN Youtube Channel

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Now that the QSLiN CLA Library Learning Commons Digital Badges are ready for you to use, there is another way to supplement your understanding of the CLA standards over and above participating in the badge program.  The QSLiN team has created a YouTube playlist for each of the five CLA learning commons standards that show various aspects of

Using Information Ethically Made Easy for Kids

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School of Information course creates Michigan Makers There are a number of great resources listed on that will give teachers the support that they need in teaching students how to cite sources, an important component of using information ethically.  At this time of year, when projects and assignments are due, giving

Practical Ed Tech Tip from Richard Byrne – Create Short Comic Stories

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  Richard Byrne is a popular blogger who, based on his teaching experience, creates films on using a variety of apps and online tools in the classroom.  The Inquiry Process website has compiled many online tools and apps that allow students to present the information that they've found in very imaginative ways, one of which is the

The Interesting Stuff That’s Out There: Online conference, free kids’ news source and more!

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Over the summer and at the beginning of the school year, many of us just can't walk away from the library world when we're on vacation. As we sit down to morning coffee, we might see websites, articles and blog posts that we think might be of interest to others.  Here are a few from

Free Technology for Teachers Suggests 5 Good Ways to Send Text Notifications to Students & Parents

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Source: Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Good Ways to Send Text & Push Notifications to Students & Parents - A Handout This isn't the first time that I've posted a link to Richard Byrne's wonderful blog, Free Technology for Teachers. It's one of my favourite sources for finding free online tools and apps

Using Flipboard as a Curation Tool

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If your students have access to mobile devices, this article - 15 Fantastic Ways to Use Flipboard - has suggestions on how to use the app, Flipboard as a curation tool either in the classroom or the school library. A curation tool is a way to gather resources into one place and on an iPad,

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