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Keeping Public School Libraries Relevant, Education Week Magazine’s Blog

An inspiration piece by Matthew Lynch in the Education Week Magazine's Blog about traditional school libraries, as well as what our modern school libraries could be, and finally what they could be one day... and what the author feels is needed to do in order to remain relevant in the [...]

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‘Skype in the Classroom’ Connects Kids to NASA and Global Experts, Good Magazine.

While this article in Good Magazine came out nearly a year ago, I thought it was still worth sharing. At the very least, it adds more ideas as to what Skype could do for our schools, in the classroom and of course (with very little alternation) in the library as [...]

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Citing Creative Commons Materials

Hello, As Creative Commons materials become more and more common, know how to properly use and cite them is becoming more important. Now everyone however knows how to do this. Thankfully the people over at Creative Commons Australia have put together a very clear 9-page PDF showing exactly how and when and [...]

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“Wikipidia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit…or maybe not”

For a little insight into the realities of attempting to change “the free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit,”… take a look at This article from the Canadian Press via The Huffington Post , which thankfully gives us some Canadian examples to learn from. Please note that the spelling of [...]

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CMD 2013

Hello, The 2013 Congres des Milieux Documentaries du Quebec, also known in English as Conference of the Library and Information Community of Quebec (CLIC), is currently looking for people who would be willing to present at this year’s conference, being held in Montreal on November 25-27. If you are interested, they are accepting proposals [...]

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