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Mauris aliquet auctor mi non volutpat. Mauris efficitur sagittis rutrum. Aenean placerat, felis eu rutrum suscipit, diam urna egestas augue, a sollicitudin sapien mi at justo. Nunc pretium, nisl quis ullamcorper laoreet, dui dolor imperdiet magna, ac commodo turpis neque et est. Aliquam erat volutpat. Sed ultrices eros sit amet augue vestibulum.

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Quisque in lacus egestas, aliquet velit id, congue velit. Pellentesque ullamcorper laoreet risus, a rutrum erat aliquet eget. In dictum nulla et enim auctor, vitae dictum velit lobortis. Sed vitae tortor quis enim placerat efficitur in id urna. In in pretium metus, malesuada mattis elit. Phasellus lobortis risus a est ultrices convallis.

CBPQ YouTube playlist – Histoires d’une différence

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Back in November 2014, the CBPQ (Corporation des bibliothécaires professionnels du Québec / The Corporation of Professional Librarians of Quebec) created their first YouTube video in a playlist dedicated to showing how librarians are making a difference. They now how three videos in that playlist and I believe they will be adding more in time. While they

2015 Recognition Awards

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For the past 10 years, the Quebec Ministry of Education has conducted the Reading Recognition Awards as a way to: ...recognize the efforts of those who have been effective in promoting reading. From all sectors of the education community, these individuals help young people to develop interests, attitudes and competencies that enable them to use

ABQLA Connects the Dots | By the Brooks: Anita Brooks Kirkland

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Last week Anita Brooks Kirkland gave a presentation at the 83rd ABQLA Annual Conference (2015) on "Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada". Below is a link to her blog post where she talks about not only what she presented at the conference, but also about other presentations that she saw

2015 MELS Library Symposium registration is now open

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Hello, This is to inform you that the online registration for the 2015 MELS Library Symposium is now open. Once library personnel have received permission from their individual supervisors, they can register themselves at http://lceeq.ca/ Everyone needs to register themselves; if anyone try to register another person, they will actually overwrite their own registration with

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