This is to inform you that the online registration for the 2015 MELS Library Symposium is now open.

Once library personnel have received permission from their individual supervisors, they can register themselves at http://lceeq.ca/

Everyone needs to register themselves; if anyone try to register another person, they will actually overwrite their own registration with the other person’s. If you do not already have an LCEEQ account, you can easily create one directly on the LCEEQ site.

Attached at the bottom are the programs for both the elementary day (March 16), and the secondary day (March 17).

As more information is made available, it will be emailed out as well as be available here on the QSLiN.org website as well as tweeted out on QSLiNtweets using the hashtag #MELSLIB.

Thank you and I hope that you have a great week.

Library Symposium ELE 2015

Library Symposium SEC 2015

Julian Taylor